As the skies cleared above Scarborough, the silhouette of something truly great appeared over the horizon. Yes… the newest member of our QMA family: a DMG MORI DMU 125 duoBLOCK 5-axis.

Using ultrasonic technology, this universal milling machine is capable of turning any known alloy into art at a staggering 18,000 rotations per minute. That’s not just amazing, but efficient, which is precisely what we strive for at QMA.

In addition, the 125’s digital console also allows our engineers to do direct spline processing of CAD data, as well as quick editing of large CNC programs previously not deemed possible.

At the end of the day, it is not our pride to have such a machine, but our honour to be able to better serve you, our customer.


Other features include:

  • Best surface finishes of Ra Y>0,2 µm and up to 3-times higher productivity vs. conventional machining
  • High torque spindle that can cut through the toughest materials on earth like butter, leaving a smooth surface finish
  • Tool magazine expandable up to 354 pockets
  • NC-controlled swivel-mounted milling head as A- or B-axis

Frankly, if it were any smarter, it would make us breakfast, lunch, and dinner.